Simon Hunt began his career in Central Africa as a PA to the Chairman of Rhodesian Selection Trust, one of the two large companies in the then Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia. The copper group was Anglo American.

In 1961, he returned to the UK joining Anglo American Corporation of South Africa as a PA to a Board Director which included being part of a small copper sales and marketing team.

He then helped to establish a new copper development organization, CIDEC, financed by copper producers where he focused on conducting end use studies in Europe.

He then went into the City to gain financial experience followed by forming Brook Hunt & Associates in 1975. He was instrumental in setting up the group’s cost studies which have become a bible for the industry and end use analyses.

He acted for the US copper producers in two ITC anti-dumping cases as both consultant and material witness in 1978 and 1984 winning both at the commission level.

Since 1993, he has spent 2-4 months every year in China visiting some 80 factories across the country every year. He now restricts his visits – until end 2019 – to a smaller number as well as travelling throughout Asia to visit mills and their Head Offices.

In 1996, Simon founded Simon Hunt Strategic Services. The focus of the company’s work is to provide strategic advice including geopolitical and financial developments as well as structural and tactical changes within China in order to produce a balance outlook for the supply of and demand for copper.

Increasingly the work involves understanding the shifts taking place in the balance of global power including how BRICS+ will change the dynamics of the world and how these changes will impact the copper industry.

Simon is also the author of the ‘Frontline China Report Service marketed by the TIS GROUP.

He is also on the Board of Directors the Great Eastern Gold Company in Australia and Copperman in Chile.

Simon Hunt's Associates

Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson has spent over 30 years working and living in China and is a fluent Mandarin speaker running a number of large foreign companies operating in China

TIS Group

The TIS Group, which markets our Frontline China reports

Triangle & Company

Triangle & Company who are our associates in Shanghai


WaveTrack International where Peter Goodburn acts as our technical associate

Juan Carlos Guajardo

Juan Carlos Guajardo, Plus Mining, Chile

Source Peter Goodburn, WaveTrack International

We also have a number of friends and associates who help us in preparing our geopolitical, financial and copper inputs to our reports, but who prefer to remain nameless.

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